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Italian Renaissance Theater

Italian Renaissance Theater - Italian Renaissance...

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Italian Renaissance Theater (14 th -16 th c.) Revival of classical texts (plays & theory) Neo-Classical Theory based on Aristotle & Horace Horace Roman philosopher Interested in function of drama Wrote essay about literature in which he talked specifically about drama Said Plays & Drama should be “ Dulce et Utilo Theatre should both teach & entertain A central Renaissance ideal Must teach you a moral lesson, but must get your attention Roman theater was so immoral (bloody spectacle) Separation of Genres A play should be either all comic or all tragic You can’t have jokes & funny characters in same play with noble dramatic action Decorum Verisimilitude (resemblance to truth/reality) Notion of how people behave according to their status & class Propriety, appropriateness There are ways for different ranks, age, and gender to behave Lower class can be humorous, but upper class must be dignified
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