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Neoclassical French Theater

Neoclassical French Theater - Neoclassical French...

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Neoclassical French Theater ( 17 th c. ) Under King Louis XIV 16 th century France A lot of religious dissention in France Rulers preoccupied between trouble between protestants & catholics until the 17 th century Known as the son king Very successful & powerful monarch Popular & smart ruler consolidated power to himself “L’etats c’est moi” I am the state ”, I represent France His personal concerns took over his ruling style Wanted people to think more about France than religion Did a lot for nationhood Theatrical ruler Had Versailles built another symbol of his power & magnificence He really wanted to cultivate the Arts Literature, ballet, theater Developed 1 st professional dance academy Supporter of playwrights during the time Moliere most comic playwright of 17 th century Cardinal Richelieu promoted Neoclassical rules The power behind the throne Set up French Academy 1 st
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