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NonRealism and AntiRealism

NonRealism and AntiRealism - Non-Realism/Anti-Realism End...

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Non-Realism/Anti-Realism End of 19 th century political theater era Departures from Realism “Avant Garde” theater many theater movements in reaction to realism Artists felt limited & confined by Realism Changing worldviews Social inequality on rise due to war & industrialization Art world beginning to question both the scientific method and the humanist ideal Turning from the scientifically knowable to the unknowable and the relative; experimentation valued over representation August Strindberg Most known for realist plays ( Miss Julie ) Dream Plays ” (symbolism) 1 st playwright to make extensive use of the unconscious in plays Themes Alienation of the individual Struggling to resolve conflicting emotions/urges Externalizing psychological states & spiritual intuitions Symbolism/ Impressionism Movement started in France that sought to express inner truth rather than represent life realistically Dream world Mood vs. story Characters represent human types not individuals Bare essentials of stage design “the word creates the décor” Actions sometimes hazy & out of focus Pelleas &
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