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Dramturgy What is a dramaturg ? Advocate for the text what does the script bring to the table? Responsible for enhancing the audience’s experience What makes the play work? Founded by Lessing German, 1 st dramaturg 2 main branches of dramaturgical work: Production Dramaturg pre-existing script New Play Dramaturg must develop new script Production Dramaturg Existing script Work with production team to understand the play Expectations Assumptions References good research skills (track down things that don’t make sense) Dramatic construction making sure everyone understands how different parts
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Unformatted text preview: of the play fit together Examples of Dramturgy Episodic plot like TV show, after one episode, everything is back to normal again Oh What a Lovely War Musical revue abut WWI Episodic Plot Different Elements Mother Courage musical about the 30 years war pre-existing concept in the middle 20 th century cart = truck expected audience to know that 30 yrs war was worse thing to ever happen (Germans Thought This) New Play Dramaturgy Medicine Showdown Retelling of Ibsens Enemy of the People Jaws is also a retelling of the same story Set in 1918, flu pandemic is about to hit the U.S....
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