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English Restoration Theater (17 th century England) 1660 Charles II comes to thrown begins Restoration Period Charles I was executed Puritan revolution England taken over by commonwealth gov’t 1649 – 1660, there was no king Oliver Cromwell Puritan ruler who put many restrictions on stuff Banned public performance of theater Charles II reopens theater (loves it) 1 st professional actresses on English stage They spoke directly to the people Very flirtatious, interactive, cabaret type of theater Charles II gives patents for 2 legitimate theater companies (the Royal theatres) Patent = license Important because license to perform remained in place until 1843 Legitimate drama = spoken drama Covent Garden Drury Lane Comedy of
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Unformatted text preview: Manners ” Form of comic drama that became popular in 17 th century France & English Restoration Emphasized cultivated or sophisticated atmosphere & witty dialogue The Country Wife • By Wycherly • Plot of play revolves around young man (Horner) ♦ Decides in order to flirt with all women without being suspected, he spreads rumor he is gay Men are constantly leaving Horner alone with their wives • Depend a lot on very witty dialogue and conversation ♦ Not about a lot of action ♦ Jokes/verbal dexterity, puns Being able to wound someone with WORDS • Based on Moliere’s comedy (School of Wives) About gossip about other characters • About backstabbing & talking behind peoples backs...
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