Sensation and Reception

Sensation and Reception - Chapter 5 Sensation Reception...

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Chapter 5 Sensation: Receiving Sensory Messages What messages can be received? Stimulus : Any aspect of the world that influences behavior or conscious experience Anything you can perceive/experience from the world Must excite receptor cells to be a stimulus! Ex. light, sound, flavors How are they received? Transduction : process of turning something from the world into a neural impulse Translating messages for the brain Translation of energy in the environment into neural impulses Transduced by sensory receptor cells Sensory limits: how strong must messages be? Absolute Threshold : Smallest magnitude of a stimulus that can be detected Ex. how dim a light can be before you can tell that it’s on Difference Threshold : Sensory Adaptation : When a stimulus is continuously present or repeated at short intervals, the sensation becomes gradually weaker Our nervous system becomes used to the same kind of stimulus Psychophysics : What kinds of stimuli changes can you detect? Like structuralist stuff, but much more refined Vision: Sensing Light Light : electromagnetic radiation Only a small portion is visible Intensity = brightness Wavelength = hue Brightness + Hue = Color The Eye ***Parts of the eye: Cornea clear covering that protects the eye Iris Pupil black hole
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Lens focuses the light on the retina Ciliary Muscle How it works: Retina 2 cells picking up light: Rods Cones color, used for bright light Fovea Has clearest image When reading, the fovea is jumping from word to word Sight Process: Light passes between the ganglion cells & bipolar cells, reaching rods & cones at the back of the retina
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Sensation and Reception - Chapter 5 Sensation Reception...

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