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State of Consciousness

State of Consciousness - Chapter 6 States of...

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Chapter 6 States of Consciousness (Attention) Wide Awake: Normal Waking Consciousness Daydreams Everyday consciousness & dreams combined in the state of waking consciousness Sigmund Freud Wish fulfillment Trying to work out some kind of internal conflict between things you have & things you want Divided Consciousness (Divided Attention) Being in two places (mentally) at the same time Putting mental effort toward 2 tasks With each task, you are dividing your attention You will perform better on the task that is practiced Practice reduces the amount of mental effort you need for a task Ernest Hilgard Conscious awareness becomes “split” & simultaneously perform 2 activities requiring conscious awareness Ex. talking on a cell phone while driving Concept of the unconscious mind Conscious vs. unconscious Conscious = putting forth mental effort Unconscious = not a lot of mental effort Cocktail party phenomenon How do we block things that we don’t want to pay attention to? We can switch which things we are attending to Sleep & Dreams Stages of Sleep Hypnagogic state Period of extreme relaxation Not a big difference between it and being awake Myoclonia Suddenly have tiny seizures & your body jerks Sudden sensation of falling brain makes up the idea that you were dreaming of falling Four Stages Defined on basis of electroencephalogram (EEG) Stages 1-4 are relatively boring & in the cortex 1 = relaxed 4 = may be some dreams w/distinct characteristics; kind of boring stuff from during the day
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REM sleep & dreams REM = action, emotional, vivid dreams Limbic system going hay wire Cingulated cortex & hippocampus help store memories
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State of Consciousness - Chapter 6 States of...

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