State of Consciousness

State of Consciousness - Chapter 6 States of...

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Chapter 6 States of Consciousness (Attention) Wide Awake: Normal Waking Consciousness Daydreams Sigmund Freud Wish fulfillment Trying to work out some kind of internal conflict between things you have & things you want Divided Consciousness (Divided Attention) Being in two places (mentally) at the same time Putting mental effort toward 2 tasks With each task, you are dividing your attention You will perform better on the task that is practiced Practice reduces the amount of mental effort you need for a task Ernest Hilgard Conscious awareness becomes “split” & simultaneously perform 2 activities requiring conscious awareness Ex. talking on a cell phone while driving Concept of the unconscious mind Conscious vs. unconscious Conscious = putting forth mental effort Unconscious = not a lot of mental effort Cocktail party phenomenon How do we block things that we don’t want to pay attention to? We can switch which things we are attending to Stages of Sleep Hypnagogic state Period of extreme relaxation Not a big difference between it and being awake Myoclonia Sudden sensation of falling brain makes up the idea that you were dreaming of falling Four Stages Defined on basis of electroencephalogram (EEG) 1 = relaxed 4 = may be some dreams w/distinct characteristics; kind of boring stuff from during the day
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REM = action, emotional, vivid dreams Limbic system going hay wire
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State of Consciousness - Chapter 6 States of...

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