Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology - Chapter 10 Developmental...

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Chapter 10 Developmental Psychology Basic Processes of Development Maturation Imprinting idea that the 1 st thing some animal species see when they are born is their parental figure; instantaneous Critical period specific time frames in which you are supposed to develop certain skills (learning language period = ages 1-3) Early social deprivation Looking at how small monkeys formed attachments Monkey was always cuddling up to soft mother Early experiences Variations in development Development occurs differently in different children Children vary in the rate of their own development from one period to the next Stage Theories of Development Piaget’s stage theory of cognitive development 4 major stages of cognitive development kids go through distinct stages, but you still change a bit in later adulthood Stage theories of moral development Kohlberg’s theory of moral development Gives boys moral dilemmas to determine level of moral reasoning Participants almost entirely male Gilligan ’s theory of moral development Says girls pass through stages differently Incorporate some boys, but studying mostly girls Social morals your ability to use social rules appropriately Not everyone goes through all of these stages
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Developmental Psychology - Chapter 10 Developmental...

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