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THE TYPICAL INITIAL EMPLOYMENT INTERVIEW From Gaut, D.R. & Perrigo, E.M. (1998). Business and Professional Communication for the 21 st Century. Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon. PHASE INTERVIEWER TOPICS INTERVIEWER LOOKS FOR... Opening Introduction and rapport (small talk about traffic, weather, etc.) Firm handshake Orientation Eye contact Motivation Ease in social situations Businesslike appearance Question/Response Your Record Education reason for choice of school, major Intellectual achievement grades, courses enjoyed most, least Value placed on achievement reaction to teachers Reaction to authority Work Experience level of responsibility Responsibility duties liked most, least Ability to follow directions supervisory experience Leadership ability relations with others Ability to motivate and get along with
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Unformatted text preview: others Activities & Interests • extracurricular activities Diversity of interests • personal interests Awareness of world outside academia Your Career Goals Type of work desired Preparation for employment Immediate objectives Career orientation Long-term objectives Company’s chance to get and keep you Desire for further education Knowledge of company Geographic preferences Attitude toward relocation Information About Company Company opportunities Indication of interest in the company Where you might fit in Informed comments and questions Current and future projects Training program and other benefits Closing Any further steps you should take Attention to detail Further steps company will take Informed and relevant questions Opportunity for you to ask questions...
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