LGST 219 - Class Notes

LGST 219 - Class Notes - Lecture 1, Sept 7...

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Lecture 1, Sept 7 mayera@wharton.upenn.edu tel: 898-5717 office hours: Tues 3-415 Globalization but law has yet to catch up Globalization & Legal Diversity Law and Policy - policy: goals to be achieved o aim to have sound policies - laws should affirm and promote the goals (policy) of the legal system o e..g law: ban on insider trading; policy: fairness, promote engagement o e.g. law: no agreements restraining competition; policy: consumer protection, encourage innovation and product development (efficient for companies) - Problem: no consensus on which policy is most important/ priorities are o E.g. human rights activitists (international business shd be in line with human rights system) vs environmentalists vs anti-trust authorities vs emerging economies vs labor union vs US government (no profits diverted to support terrorism) o OR, should it be barely regulated proponents of free trade o Corruption and international business (plagues of modern globalized system – more opportunities for corruption) o DIFFERENT POLICIES which cannot be served by one set of laws NAFTA (US, Mexico and Canada to counter EU) - free trade, free investment with some limitations - problems o Mexican trucker problem Mexican truckers between US and Mexico. Under NAFTA, they should be able to cross the border to the US But, US says they do not meet the “conditions” of safety, driving experience, insurance, truck inspection etc (or US just protecting jobs?
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LGST 219 - Class Notes - Lecture 1, Sept 7...

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