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Handout assignment III 1. H&O No. 8.65, 8.66 2. H&O No. 9.69, 9.70 3.Two placement exams are available that students can take to determine which math class they should begin with in their freshman year. It is believed that there is no difference in the mean scores that would be received for the two tests. To test this using a 0.05 level of significance, a randomly selected group of students took both tests and had their scores recorded. The following data were obtained: a) Based on these data, do you support the claim? b) Find a 98% confidence interval for the difference in mean scores for the two tests. 4. A regional automotive parts chain store firm wants to improve the sales of tune- up supplies. It believes that a TV ad with a popular local, but offbeat, know-it-all actor might be able to affect their sales. Before the ads are run on TV, the company randomly samples eight of its weekly sales from the past years. Following the ad campaign, seven weeks of sales were sampled. Weekly sales are approximately normally distributed and the population standard deviations are equal. Their hypothesis test is: Did the TV ad campaign help or hurt sales?
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Handout_assignment_III su 10 - Handout assignment III 1 H&O...

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