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outb021dia4 - bad poor z mega = large z micro = small z...

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Most common prefixes z a- = without z ab- = away from z ad- = toward z an- = without z anti- = against z auto- = self z bi- = two z brady- = slow z circum- = around z dia- = through, complete z dys- = abnormal, painful, difficult z ec- = outside z endo- = within z epi- = above z ex- = out of, away from z exo- = external, on the outside z hemi- = half z hyper- = above normal, excessive z hypo- = below, deficient z infra- = beneath z inter- = between z intra- = within z mal- =
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Unformatted text preview: bad, poor z mega- = large z micro- = small z mono- = single z multi- = many z para- = on either side z peri- = around, near z poly- = many z post- = after z pre- = before z pro- = before, forward z re- = again, backward z retro- = behind, backward z semi- = half z sub- = below, less than z super- = more than, above z syn- = together z tachy- = fast z trans- = across, through z ultra- = beyond, excessive z un- = not z uni- = one...
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