s10.106.Proj4.EmergencyKit - Geol/Geog 106 Name: Home...

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Unformatted text preview: Geol/Geog 106 Name: Home Emergency Kit Project (60 pts) The history of natural hazards suggests that although many people may be injured during a disaster, it is the aftermath that is often the most stressful and potentially harmful time. For example, power and utilities may be out for a week or more, loved ones may be out of contact, pets may be missing, homes may be damaged, transportation routes may be unusable, and food and water may be hard to come by. Therefore, one of the best things that individuals, families and organizations can do to prepare for a natural hazard is to put together a disaster preparedness kit to help get through the days following a hazard event. Although this does not take a lot of time or expense, many of us do not make a kit. Your last major task for this class is to design a disaster emergency kit – in particular, one that would apply to this part of the country (i.e., one that would get you through an earthquake, a flood, a wind, rain, or snow storm, or isolation by a landslide or mudflow). And would get the user(s) through at least 3 days on their own with no power or water. We will be dividing into teams and designing kits for each of the following: (1) An emergency “kit” (really a large stash) for Student Programs at Bellevue College. This kit should have everything needed to support 200 people in the event that they are trapped on campus after a disaster....
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s10.106.Proj4.EmergencyKit - Geol/Geog 106 Name: Home...

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