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Non-Structural Disaster Planning (Due: Tuesday, May 18) – 40 pts Assignment: Using the checklist provided evaluate your home and determine if there are any non-structural things that you can do to prepare for a natural disaster. Choose a site – ideally your home or apartment, but you could also use a work place or other alternate site. Then systematically walk around the site and make a list of some of the potential hazards, and what you could do to make them safer. Use the checklist provided by “Project Impact” (below) as a guideline. Once you are done, write up a one-to-two page (typed, 12pt text, single space, 500- 800 word) summary of the potential hazards and their solutions. (Due: Tues., May 18 ). Print 2- sided if possible. I’d also recommend that you try and do some of the things to make your home safer, too. Project Impact Non-Structural Checklist: Whether through fire or flood, earthquake or tornado or hurricane, natural disasters occur every- where. And everywhere they occur, they do unnecessary damage as a result of hazards that could have been eliminated. This checklist identifies the common nonstructural hazards for Homes & Businesses. Use the list to prepare a work order for your property.
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sp10.106.Project3HomeChecklist - Non-Structural Disaster...

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