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Geol208.AssignmentA - 14 Willapa Hills 15 Okanogan Highland...

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Lab Exercises Geology 208 53 E XERCISE A: G EOGRAPHY OF THE P ACIFIC N ORTHWEST Objectives: (1) to familiarize yourself with the geographic regions and places in the Pacific Northwest that are significant to Northwest geology On the accompanying map, clearly mark and label the approximate location and extent (for instance, a mountain range is not symbolized by one dot) of the following features and cities. Use different colored pencils to mark the different features. Please use blue for rivers, brown for mountains, red dots for cities, and green for other features. Rivers and Waterways 1. Columbia River 2. Strait of Juan de Fuca 3. Willamette River 4. Yakima River 5. Puget Sound 6. Skagit River 7. Snake River Mountains 8. Olympic Mountains 9. Cascade Range 10. Mt. St. Helens 11. Mt. Rainier 12. Mt. Baker 13. Klamath Mountains
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Willapa Hills 15. Okanogan Highland 16. Wallowa Mountains 17. Oregon Coast Range Other Geographic Features and Places 18. Columbia Plateau 19. The Palouse Hills 20. San Juan Islands 21. Vancouver Island 22. Grand Coulee (not just the dam) 23. Crater Lake 24. Snake River Plain 25. Glacier National Park 26. North Cascades National Park 27. Gray’s Harbor 28. Newberry Volcano 29. Methow Valley 30. Hell’s Canyon Cities (WA, unless otherwise stated) A. Seattle B. Portland, OR C. Yakima D. Spokane E. Olympia F. Bellingham G. Wenatchee H. Richland/Pasco/Kennewick (Tri-Cities) I. Tacoma J. Orting K. Forks L. Republic M. Boise, ID N. Missoula, MT O. Eugene, OR P. Salem, OR Q. John Day, OR R. Joseph, OR S. Cache Creek, BC T. Vancouver, BC Lab Exercises Geology 208 54...
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Geol208.AssignmentA - 14 Willapa Hills 15 Okanogan Highland...

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