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Unformatted text preview: Stratigraphy The study of the origin, relationship and extent of rock layers (Strata). Rock Structures Mt. St. Helens, October 2004 Stratigraphic Units Member A Formation A Member B Member C Group A Member D Formation B Member E Member F Formation C Member G Member H Member I Member J Supergroup Formation D Member K Member L Member M Member N Group B Formation E Member O Member P Member Q Member R Formation F Member S Member T Supergroup | Group | Formation | Member | Bed Stratigraphy of John Day National Monument, Oregon Igneous Structures: Plutons, Volcanoes, & Lava Flows (Oh, My!) Stratigraphy of Columbia Plateau, Washington Plutons Name this Igneous Feature… Igneous Dike Plutonic Structures Xenoliths Why do we find Plutons at the Surface? Uplift & Erosion Source: William E. Ferguson Sierra Nevada Mountains Batholith, California Volcanic Structures Mafic vs. Intermediate/Felsic Mafic Eruptions: Passive Lava Flows Aa Lava Flows Lava Flows Pahoehoe Lava Flows “Window” into Lava Tube Lava Tubes Pillow Structure Pillow Structures Columnar Structures Shield Volcano Cinder Cones Summit Caldera Flood Basalt Flows Felsic Eruptions: Explosive Ash and Thick Lava Flows Lava Dome Stratovolcano Ash Flow Caldera Ash-Flow Caldera: Crater Lake, Oregon Pyroclastic Flow Sedimentary Structures Pyroclastic Flow Bedding (1-300 cm) Stratafication Inter-Bed Structures (within strata) •Graded Beds •Cross Beds •Dropstones Massive Strata (>300 cm) Graded Beds Death Valley, CA Laminations (<1 cm) Outcrop of turbidites, Carboniferous, northwestern China. Cross Beds Dropstones Zion National Park, UT Norway Intra-Bed Structures (on the surface of strata) •Ripple Marks •Mudcracks •Raindrop Impressions Ripple Marks Mudcracks Glacier National Park, MT Fossils Raindrop Impressions Trace Fossils Coprolites Miocene Mammal (WA) Worm Burrows: Middle Silurian, Grimsby Formation, Hamilton, Ontario ...
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