Light Year:Constellation Notes - - brightest star, - next,...

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Notes Astronomical Unit , AU : - the average distance between the Earth and the Sun Sun Light Year , ly : the distance that light travels in a year. Parsec, pc = 3.26 ly - used to measure distances near the Sun Stellar Parallax Apparent shift in the position of a star because of Earth’s orbital motion Sun basic motions: rotation (spin) - motion about an axis revolution - orbital motion Earth rotates counterclockwise (from North pole) • synchronous rotation : rotation period = orbital period Constellation - A region of the sky with well-marked boundaries containing a group of stars (e.g. Ursa Major, Orion) - There are 88 constellations - The stars in a constellation are named according to their brightness. (
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Unformatted text preview: - brightest star, - next, - next, - etc., e.g., ., Orionis) Asterism: perceived pattern (ex. Great Bear or Big Dipper) Use the Big Dipper (Ursa Major, Big Bear) to find the North Star (Polaris); use Pointer Stars Polaris is at the end of the Little Dipper ( Ursa Minor , Little Bear). Cassiopeia looks like an M (near Polaris). The stars seem to revolve about Polaris every 24 hours as Earth rotates Polaris seems to stay in the same place because it is very close to the NCP At the North Pole and South Pole : every star is circumpolar...
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Light Year:Constellation Notes - - brightest star, - next,...

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