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Subtidal Ecology at the Monterey Bay Aquarium The answers to most questions can be found by viewing and reading the displays, by asking the docents, and by discussion with your classmates --- but MOSTLY determined by YOU based on OBSERVATIONS of the creatures in the exhibits and the concepts you’ve learned as a biology major! Use your notebook to record the information/facts at the aquarium. Take your time, make thorough notes, take breaks as needed, and have fun! The answers to the questions that you turn in for credit MUST BE TYPED. For more information, visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium website: I. SEA OTTERS 1. Where/how did the Aquarium get their sea otters? How long have these otters in the exhibit been here? 2. What do sea otters eat? How much do they have to eat each day? Why so much? 3. What is a genetic bottleneck and how was one caused in the sea otter population? Why is such a bottleneck a concern for the future of the otter species? II. MONTEREY BAY HABITATS
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