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Each presentation will include a PowerPoint ® slide set, and should be precisely twenty minutes long, plus five minutes to answer questions. We will treat these talks as formal research presentations at a professional conference. So it is important that you prepare your report seriously and carefully — and practice your presentation delivery and timing in advance! At a real academic conference, a talk either too short or too long is unacceptable. All participants in each study team are expected to participate equally in all parts of the project — including giving the talk! You may want to delegate a moderator to direct the flow and keep everyone on time. Additionally, all students are required to attend all of the presentations and to contribute questions or comments during the discussion period. Reread the Biology 6C “Ecology Research Project” description to make sure that you have fulfilled the assignment. To “present a paper” at an academic conference means more than delivering a casual discussion or narrative. It means that the oral presentation follows the same strict structure and format as does a written research report to be published in a scientific journal. Read the description of the specific parts of a research paper described on the LabWrite website: . Also refer to the lab report instructions in your Bio 6B Lab Manual. In addition to the above requirements, the following components should be included in your PowerPoint ® slides: Opening title page : Start with a descriptive title for your project, a list of the authors of your study (your team members) listed alphabetically, the name of the occasion (Biology 6C Field Project Reports, De Anza
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ProjectPresent - Bio-6C Field Project: Report &...

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