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The Twelve Points of the Scout Law Mapped to Jonathan Haidt’s Five Foundations of Morality: 1. In the Harm/care flowerpot you can grow kindness, consideration, empathy , and charitable impulses : A Scout is Helpful, Friendly, Kind , and Cheerful (cheerful people don’t harm the mood of others) 2. In the fairness/reciprocity flowerpot you can grow fairness . You can teach people to play tit-for-tat with a bias toward forgiveness and second-chance giving: A Scout is Trustworthy (honest and promise-keeping) A Scout is Thrifty (doesn’t waste resources others could use, doesn’t take more than his fair share) 3. In the in-group/loyalty flowerpot you can grow loyalty and patriotism
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Unformatted text preview: : A Scout is Loyal A Scout is Brave (especially when the group needs him to participate in combat with another tribe, or to face danger to save the life of another group member) 4. In the authority/respect flowerpot you can grow respect for authority and for the norms of the group : A Scout is Reverent (to God, who has certain norms he expects you to follow) A Scout is Obedient (to authority figures and elders) A Scout is Courteous (especially to authority figures and elders, but also to all members of the group) 5. In the sanctity/purity flowerpot you can grow temperance and cleanliness : A Scout is Clean A Scout is Thrifty (shows temperance)...
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