State of Confusion - State of Confusion By:- Rahul Malhotra...

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State of Confusion By:- Rahul Malhotra
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The first step in a civil suit are the filing of the legal papers filed at the beginning of a lawsuit. These include the complaint or petition (the facts of the case from the plaintiff's perspective with the legal grounds for the suit); the serving of summons to the defendant; the defendant's response or answer; and any counterclaims, cross-claims, or third party complaints. The second stage is discovery and fact-finding. The idea at this stage is that during further legal proceedings, there should be as few surprises as possible. Elements of discovery include interrogatories, depositions, and document production. Often the third stage is alternative dispute resolution; most civil suits never see the inside of a courtroom. Through settlements, arbitration, or mediation, the parties usually agree on resolution before the much more expensive process of going to court takes place. If ADR does not take place, then the next stage is the trial. After a verdict is reached, collection of judgment can take a variety of forms. Finally, appeals must be based upon legal grounds, not merely upon one party disliking the verdict. Now we can address the other questions in the order given. Under Article III, Section 2 of the
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State of Confusion - State of Confusion By:- Rahul Malhotra...

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