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Identify your target audience for a PR Campaign for the organization (attached).   Again, not a paper but just about 250 words (of only which 7% or less should be  quoted material) to succinctly highlight the target audience for this particular U.S.  domestic vendor’s campaign being taken into Canada.  Limit response to 250 words of  which only 7% can be quoted with sources. Please use references that are available to  confirm and accurately applied.  Huffman trucking organization seeks to offer a new service to their existing freight shipping services. The new service is next day courier service and this will be added for clients in another country (Canada). I’m thinking the organization will want to expend the service beyond the typical clientele it current serves and the PR campaign should represent that. Again, not a paper but just about 250 words to succinctly highlight the target audience for this particular U.S. domestic vendor’s campaign being taken into
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Huffman+trucking - (attached...

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