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Full Sentence Outline - B World War II and Drugs 1 Social...

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Full Sentence Outline Yvonne Davis Thesis: Drugs has a major affect on the human body and the society, drugs need to remain illegal, The overview of illegal drugs, the affect they have on our body and for that reason they should stay illegal. Most popular illegal drugs 1. Cocaine 2. Marijuana 3. Heroine 4. Acid B. Reasons drugs should stay illegal 1. Can kill you 2. Has a major impact on your life II. How drugs came to the US A. In the 20 th century 1. The first drugs to come 2. How drugs were brought here
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Unformatted text preview: B. World War II and Drugs 1. Social problem 2. Became a popular thing III. How many deaths are drug related A. The deaths in US caused by drugs 1. Facts 2. Studies show deaths cause by drugs B. Facts on drugs and death 1. Many people killed by drugs 2. The affect on your body IV. Teens and illegal drugs A. The impact drugs has on teens 1. Drop out of school 2. End up dead or in jail B. Reasons teens use drugs 1. Seeing adults around them use drugs 2. Peer pressure...
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