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Psy 390 - 9 The environment can include the people around...

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9. The environment can include the people around us. If those people are willing to take the time to educate us, we will be able to learn much more easily. If we live under neglect or in an environment where knowledge isn't as important, people growing up from that will likely know less, or deemed "less intelligent". But now the things we eat can affect our intelligence. Many drugs we take nowadays can have serious side effects, especially in a fetus when the drug is consumed by a pregnant woman. The drug can ultimately change the genetic information on the fetus & cause damage, both physically and mentally. Environment make difference in every expect of life on human. Different places that the population by the environment changes their level of intellectuality. In different environment humans fell sand emotions are different. Its depends on environment, alos depend on human what he fells. The environment causes them to be emotional, and make choices from the people around them as well.
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