Business Broadband - Business Broadband Today, we use...

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Business Broadband Today, we use broadband to send and receive emails, download or upload huge amount of data, shop online, play online games and even watch movies online. Evolution of broadband technology over the years is quite amazing. Comparing to the traditional dial-up service which offers 56Kbps speed, it provides 10 - 100 times faster connection speeds. Advancements in the fibre based broadband such as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) promise 1Gbps speeds in the next few years. Finding the right type of broadband If you want to subscribe for a broadband service, you will need to choose one of the broadband types such as ADSL, cable, mobile or satellite. Before choosing the type, you will need to consider these things: Plan your use - How are you going to use internet connection? In home or on the move? Light or heavy use? For home or business? Coverage - Make sure that your provider's service is available in your area. If there any coverage issues affecting the performance, it is better to switch to an alternative broadband type. Speeds - Broadband speeds and reliability can also vary with the type of technology used.
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Business Broadband - Business Broadband Today, we use...

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