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Description of Company - all of our vertical markets...

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Description of Company Our company is a cosmetic manufacturer that produces environmentally conscious products. All of our products are animal cruelty free and free of chemicals known or suspected to cause harm. We manufacture a line with 166 SKU in 5 different fragrances that are distributed through the United States to high end spas, hotels, and other high end retailers. We are located in Richmond, Va and the company was founded by the Holloway family in 1995.
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Roles and Behaviors Entrepreneurs Our company structure is composed of a management team that controls the areas of Marketing and Public Relations, Research and Development, Sales and Business Development, Logistics and Corporate Management and lastly the manufacturing team. The Marketing team is in charge of building and developing our brand in
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Unformatted text preview: all of our vertical markets, including ecommerce. They are also in charge of building partnerships with organizations. Managers Research and Development, is in charge of the product design, market and consumer research and plays an important role interacting with all other teams in order to obtain the goals of Corporate Management. Employees The company maintains a laboratory that employs 15 people in Richmond and a manufacturing plant in Alexandria that employs another 49 employees with some temporary workers being employed cyclically as needed. The Holloway family, the entrepreneurial part of the company, still privately owned, plays an important part on the day to day operations by bringing our vision, mission and brilliant instints to the brand....
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Description of Company - all of our vertical markets...

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