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S YRACUSE U NIVERSITY M ARTIN J. W HITMAN S CHOOL OF M ANAGEMENT Marketing 255: Principles of Marketing (Spring 2012) Section 7 Tuesday & Thursday 5:00 – 6:20 in SOM 202 P ROFESSOR Brian Biittner Office : 013 WSOM Phone : 315.657.3354 e-mail : [email protected] Office hours : Tue & Thu 2:30 – 4:30 (if possible, please email or text me if you intend to drop in) C OURSE M ATERIALS Text Book: Essentials of Marketing , 7th ed Lamb, C.W. Jr., J.F. Hair Jr., and C. McDaniel (2012).South-Western Publishing. ISBN10: 0-538-47834-9, ISBN13: 978-0-538-47834-2 This is a soft-cover text and is available through the University Book Store and Follett’s Orange Bookstore. Assignments will be posted on Blackboard under chapter headings. Regular Blackboard announcements will summarize current assignments and test or quiz dates. Students are expected to read relevant chapters of the text and other assigned readings prior to lectures. C OURSE O BJECTIVES This course provides an introduction to marketing. You will learn key marketing terms, fundamental concepts, and principles. The objectives are to provide you with knowledge of the roles that marketing plays within society and organizations. You will also gain an understanding of how marketing theories, strategies, and tactics influence customers. The specific learning goals follow: Learning Goals for MAR 255 The student will have an understanding of: 1. how consumers buying decisions are influenced by age, gender, income, culture, values, life cycle and degree of risk. 2. how markets are segmented (demographics, psychographics, geography, benefits, usage rate) and how companies target consumers. 3.
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