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BlackBerry Maker’s Issue: Gadgets for Work or Play - Segmenting and Targeting Questions 1. What are the two tablet markets that were the basis for marketing confusion at Research In Motion? 2. How was this confusion illustrated in a planned ad campaign for the Playbook? 3. How much has the RIM share price dropped since the introduction of the playbook? 4. How much has RIM’s US smartphone market share dropped in the past 5 years? 5. True or False. Rim is a debt ridden company with poor cash reserves and a declining brand image
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Unformatted text preview: internationally. 6. RIM’s head of global sales and regional marketing, Patrick Spence felt that the “real target” for the Playbook was? 7. Why was it important to resolve the conflict between RIM executives over what the PlayBook product was, a “professional tablet” or consumer oriented video an game capable tablet? 8. What technical limitation of the Playbook contributed to poor early reviews....
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