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Blink - Packaging Questions-2 - which brandy won? 3. When...

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1. Why did Cheskin color margarine yellow during the homemaker luncheon tests in the 1940’s. 2. What 3 things did Cheskin suggest to improve sales of margarine? 3. How did Imperial Margarine compare to white margarine in taste tests? 4. In summary, the positive, subconscious perception of the package was transferred to taste of the product. This is called __________________________________________ 1. When Christian Brothers and E&J brandies were blind taste tested, without the packaging visible, what were the results? 2. When the names of the brandies were provided, again without the packaging visible,
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Unformatted text preview: which brandy won? 3. When the testing occurred with the containers/packaging visible, which brandy won? 4. When brandy contents were switched, which brandy won? 5. What single change reversed the decline of C&B market share. . 1. What taste was transferred by adding more yellow to the 7Up green? 2. What image on the Hormel canned meat transferred freshness to the taste? 3. Why might people say products taste better in cans or glass jars? 4. Does ice cream taste better in a rectangular or round container?...
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Blink - Packaging Questions-2 - which brandy won? 3. When...

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