Ch 1.2.4,6 Flashcard Terms for ExamReview

Ch 1.2.4,6 Flashcard Terms for ExamReview - purchasing...

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Ch1 Overview of Marketing - Review Terms customer satisfaction marketing relationship marketing customer value marketing concept sales orientation market orientation societal marketing orientation production orientation exchange Ch 2 Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage – Review Terms mission statement marketing objective strategic planning competitive advantage market penetration cost competitive advantage marketing mix product/service differentiation competitive advantage diversification environmental scanning marketing plan sustainable competitive advantage SWOT analysis four Ps niche competitive advantage market development Ch 4 The Marketing Environment target market demography component lifestyles baby boomers Generation X Generation Y basic research applied research inflation recession
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Unformatted text preview: purchasing power Federal Trade Commission (FTC) pyramid of corporate social Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Ch 6 Consumer Decision Making reference group nonaspirational reference group aspirational reference group limited decision making marketing-controlled information source routine response behavior cognitive dissonance Maslows hierarchy of needs consumer decision-making process need recognition culture self-concept evoked set (consideration set) nonmarketing-controlled information source social class extensive decision making external information search stimulus opinion leader internal information search involvement personality subculture primary membership group want...
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