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Ch 7,12,13,14,16 Flashcard Terms for ExamReview - mass...

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Ch 7 Business Marketing accessory equipment joint demand processed materials business marketing keiretsu raw materials business services major equipment multiplier effect (accelerator principle) component parts strategic alliance derived demand North American Industry ClassificationSystem (NAIC) disintermediation original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) MRO supplies Ch 12 Marketing Channels agents and brokers merchant wholesaler channel conflict exclusive distribution channel control horizontal conflict channel leader intensive distribution channel members selective distribution channel power direct channel vertical conflict dual distribution (multiple distribution) Ch 13 Retailing product offering factory outlet retailing franchise retailing mix category killers franchisee scrambled merchandising franchisor specialty discount store convenience store full-line discount store specialty store department store gross margin Ch 13 Retailing (cont) supercenter direct marketing
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Unformatted text preview: mass merchandising nonstore retailing warehouse membership clubs direct retailing Ch 14 Marketing Communication & Advertising advertising reach promotion promotional mix personal selling flighted media schedule audience selectivity frequency sales promotion comparative advertising seasonal media schedule pulsing media schedule Ch 16 Pricing Concepts leader pricing (loss-leader pricing) rebate base price return on investment (ROI) markup pricing break-even analysis cash discount single-price tactic penetration pricing status quo pricing predatory pricing supply prestige pricing unbundling elasticity of demand price bundling unfair trade practice acts fixed cost price fixing flexible pricing (variable pricing) price skimming variable cost yield management systems promotional allowance (trade allowance) zone pricing inelastic demand quantity discount...
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