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Pepsi Challenge Discussion Questions 1. What was Coke’s initial reaction to the Pepsi Challenge results? 2. When Coke ran their own blind head-to-head test, what were the results? 3. How was the introduction of New Coke connected to the taste tests? 4. In what ways did the flavor of New Coke differ from (old) Coke? 5. When New Coke was taste tested against Pepsi, what were the results? 6. Describe the market response to the introduction of new coke.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. The sip test or CLT (central location test) has a bias toward what taste? 8. Pepsi also includes another taste that is favored in the sip test but dissipates over the entire course of a can or bottle. What taste is it. 9. Which taste test provides better information, sip tests or home-use tests? 10.Why? 11. What were the mistakes that Coke made?...
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