Swatch Discussion Questions S11 BB-1

Swatch Discussion Questions S11 BB-1 - Question 6 : What...

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Swatch Discussion Questions Question 1 : What should be SMH’s overarching mission or goal as a publicly held company? (This question will be posed after the reading of Swatch Group Today and preceding the Swatch video.) Question 2 : What were the competitive forces that drove the Swiss watch industry into crisis? Question 3 : How would this tremendous loss in market share affect the finances of the Swiss watch companies? Question 4 : The Swiss banks decided to restructure the Swiss watch industry and considered selling off the assets. What assets would have been sold? Question 5 : Nicholas Hayek was the driving force and primary strategist in the formation of SMH. How did he explain the failure of the Swiss watch industry?
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Unformatted text preview: Question 6 : What market segment did Hayek wish to re-enter with SMH and why? Question 7 : What major product, operations and marketing challenges did SMH face in this market segment re-entry? Question 8 : To market Swatch, Hayek had to give it a “soul” or a “message”. How did Hayek describe this message? What were the elements or the components of the message? Question 9 : Hayek and 16 other investors provided the funds to restructure and merge the Swiss watch makers. Hayek invested $102 million of his own money. How do you think companies allocate and approve funds for projects? Question 10 : What would have been an alternative management response to the Swiss watch crisis?...
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Swatch Discussion Questions S11 BB-1 - Question 6 : What...

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