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mehan reflection 2 - Kim Mehan Com 439 Reading Reflection#2...

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Kim Mehan Com 439 Reading Reflection #2 September 6, 2011 Cooperation’s are adapting and changing the way their organizations have operated in the past. I think teamwork is very important in a company and since I am applying to jobs, I think it is important for companies to emphasize it. Organizations need to be innovative and always changing. To reflect on relevance This week’s reading and class discussions resonated with me since I am currently applying to jobs. The assigned reading from Flawless Consulting by Peter Block and the class reading and discussion from the Wall Street Journal had a lot of connections. In the book written by Peter Block, he talked about how collaborative roles are being used in the future. Two-way communication is very important in decision making within cooperations. Each individual brings their own ideas to the table which is a key factor to a team. The article from The Wall Street Journal was about how organizations need to evolve into the 21 st
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