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mehan reflection 5

mehan reflection 5 - Kim Mehan Com 439 Reading Reflection#5...

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Kim Mehan Com 439 Reading Reflection #5 September 27, 2011 Introduction Everyone likes to be praised. It makes the individual feel important and wanted. I like to be praised for the work I do but after this week’s reading, it makes me question to what extent is praising ok to do to someone. To reflect on relevance In Chapter 12 from Management of the Absurd, Richard Farson writes about how praising people in the workplace does not motivate them. This chapter struck me because I never thought that praising people could have negative effects on an individual. When people are being praised, it can be taken as threatening, someone gaining status over the individual, or it can feel like criticism. The one idea that struck me the most and made a lot of sense was that praise can be seen as threatening. When people respond to praise, they often react with “discomfort or uneasiness.” The reason why people react defensively is because praise is an evaluation and people usually don’t like being evaluated.
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