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mehan reflection 6 - Kim Mehan Com 439 Reading Reflection#6...

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Kim Mehan Com 439 Reading Reflection #6 October 4, 2011 Introduction Delegating a group is a difficult task. You have to be confident to trust your team to exceed your expectations. A lot of people like to be in total control of situations, meaning they do all the work and receive all the credit. This week’s reading showed me how leaders need to have faith that their employees can do the work just as good if not better than the leader. To reflect on relevance In Chapter 5 from Immunity to Change, Kegan and Lahey write about how David, who was recently promoted to general manager, has a difficult time finding an equal balance between being a delegator instead of doing all the work himself. David says, “I believe that leadership without doing is ‘overhead’ and worthless. I’d walk away from my roots if I was not doing the work itself.” David likes to refer to himself as a blue-collar worker because “they get their hands
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