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Kim Mehan Com 439 Reading Reflection #8 October 18, 2011 Introduction Continually growth is important for organizations to thrive in. When organizations only focus on certain departments that will lead their company to success, they are ignoring the other departments that are vital to an organization. It is important to have an equal balance of trying to improve each department when developing company. To reflect on relevance In Chapter 19 from Management of the Absurd, Farson writes about how individuals want more of what they already have while disregarding what they need to focus on. He says, “The organization, so intent on becoming more accomplished in an area where it already was highly accomplished, was failing to attend to a threat to its very existence.” Individuals like to improve in something that they already have a lead in. They have their special attribute and want to further develop it. This chapter struck me because Farson talks about how organizations are struggling because organizations are neglecting what they actually need to be focusing on. How
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