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1 THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Department of Economics 180.101 Elements of Macroeconomics Fall Term, 2011 Professor Louis J. Maccini I. Course Organization The course will consist of two one-hour lectures and one one-hour section meeting per week. Professor Maccini will deliver the lectures. The lectures are the centerpiece of the course. The lectures will focus on the teaching of the principles of macroeconomics. Current developments and policy issues will also be discussed. The section meetings will be taught by teaching assistants (TA’s) who are graduate students in the Department of Economics. The purpose of the section meetings is to review lecture material and problem sets, to answer questions, and to teach some new material. Important rule: A student cannot change sections unless he/she has a proven class conflict. An effort is made to keep the sections small and balanced. The course website is II. Readings The textbook for the course (henceforth “Text”) is: Macroeconomics: Principles and Policy , by William J. Baumol and Alan S. Blinder, 12th Edition, South-Western Cengage Learning. The Text is available at the bookstore; purchase is required. The chapters in the Text that are listed in the course calendar below are required readings. It is strongly recommended that you keep up with the required readings on a weekly basis. A study guide is also available: Study Guide for Baumol and Blinder’s Macroeconomics , 12th Edition, South-Western Cengage Learning. The study guide is highly recommended, since most students find such guides to be very helpful in learning economics. Recommended readings from the financial press will be posted on the course website. These in particular will emphasize current macroeconomic developments in the economy. Students sometimes ask whether prior editions of the text, like the Eleventh Edition-- 2010 Update or even earlier editions, which can be bought at lower prices, can be used. This is not recommended. First of all, the latest edition does contain some material, such as on the financial crisis, that is not in earlier editions. Second, required readings for each lecture will be announced only for the latest edition. Hence, using an earlier edition runs the risk that you will miss some important material for the course.
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2 III. Exams and Grading There will be a final examination, two term examinations in class, and a series of problem sets. In the determination of the grade for the course, the first term examination will carry a weight of 20%, the second term examination will carry a weight of 30%, the final examination will carry a weight of 40%, and the problem sets and participation and
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econ101fall11syllabus - THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY...

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