The Crisis of the 1850s Outline

The Crisis of the 1850s Outline - 4/16/10 The Crisis of the...

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4/16/10 The Crisis of the 1850s I. Kansas-Nebraska Crisis A. Open Kansas-Nebraska Territory B. Transcontinental Railroad 1. Chicago vs. New Orleans Sen. Stephan A. Douglas lobbies for Chicago New Orleans is the other big city The railroad would also have to go through land given to Indians (Kansas/Nebraska) ^ Douglas decides to get Kansas and Nebraska to become states so that they can lay railroad C. Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) 1. Create two territories Create Kansas and Nebraska as states Had both votes cause North would get railroad and South would have the 36/30 line redrawn 2. Popular Sovereignty Would Apply The people that live there will vote and decide whether they will be slave or free states 3. Douglas vs. Lincoln The first time they really debate something Douglas (D) is fully behind popular sovereignty Lincoln thinks it is a really bad decision; as long as you leave slavery out there then anti-slavery groups will be moving in just trying to vote against slavery then move away II. New Parties A. Know-Nothing Party (1853) Very urban party; anti-immigrants (very anti-Catholic; so against Irish) ^ Said Irish would only listen to the Pope, never President; so they would be a problem Doesn’t last long; join Republicans B. Republican Party (1854) 1. Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men ^ Moto; People knew exactly what the party was about The main platform was anti-slavery Lincoln was their first major leader 2. Anti-Slavery, Nativists Also an umbrella party though; cause many different people were
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The Crisis of the 1850s Outline - 4/16/10 The Crisis of the...

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