The Federalist Era

The Federalist Era - 2/26/10 The Federalist Era I. First...

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2/26/10 The Federalist Era I. First Party System (1790-1812) A. Federalist Party – Strong Government Leaders: George Washington (President), John Adams (VP), Alexander Hamilton (Secretary of the Treasury) For a very strong government Supported the Constitution Modeled after Great Britain – strong center government Views: Promote commerce and manufacturing Supporters: wealthy Northerners B. Democratic-Republicans – Agrarians for States’ Rights Also referred to themselves as either Democrats or Republicans Leaders: Thomas Jefferson (Secretary of State), and James Madison (go against his original ideas; was in favor of the Constitution, but after he saw the strong government he didn’t like it and switches from Federalists to D- Rs) Agrarians means they were mostly small farmers For state’s rights Anti-Federalists from Ratification Modeled: French Revolution as true democracy Views: Participation of ordinary citizens in politics Supporters: Small farmers and some wealthy southern planters Washington hated parties – he didn’t even like being considered the leaders of a party, he said parties would cause many problems in politics II. Alexander Hamilton’s Fiscal Plan (1790s) It took him about a year to get it together, then present to Congress, then Congress had to vote on it; so it took a very long time Washington asked Hamilton to do this to make the American economy stronger Washington said it has to do 3 things: 1) Provide financial stability; 2) Need economic development; 3) US has to be commercially powerful He spends months researching and traveling and reports this 4 things to Washington:
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The Federalist Era - 2/26/10 The Federalist Era I. First...

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