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The Constitution - The Constitution I. Constitutional...

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The Constitution I. Constitutional Convention (1787) Were supposed to rewrite the AOC, but ended up writing a whole new document 55 men were present (Rhode Island was the only state no present; felt the AOC were fine) Chose George Washington as the presiding officer; didn’t debate, just made sure business kept going Met for 4 months; and everyone agreed that everything said was secret (this caused everyone to be candid and honest) James Madison was the official note taker, so we have great notes about everything that happened (he promised to not publish the paper until the last delegate died); published in 1840 Thomas Jefferson (France) and John Adams (England) were absent (both overseas) 1. Separation of Powers 3 branches of government: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Congress has to be able to raise taxes 2. System of Checks and Balances Each branch is watched by the other 2 Why President has veto power, and why Supreme Court can rule a bill unconstitutional A. Virginia Plan (James Madison) Presents his plan 1 st 3 branches of government; Congress should be 2 houses, each gets representatives based on population Big states like the plan; argue that they have a larger population so they should have more seats B. New Jersey Plan (William Paterson) Smaller states didn’t like the Virginia Plan, so he proposes his plan for the smaller states (NJ was smaller then) Congress was 1 house, and every state would get 1 seat ^ Only fair was to do it so that smaller states aren’t overrun by the larger ones C. Great Compromise Debate goes on for days, so George Washington appoints Ben Franklin the leader of a Committee to come up with a type of Congress that everyone life Come up with Great Compromise The Senate (2 representatives) and House (based on population) D. 3/5s Compromise
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The Constitution - The Constitution I. Constitutional...

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