The Age of Jefferson

The Age of Jefferson - 3/1/10 The Age of Jefferson I. First...

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3/1/10 The Age of Jefferson I. First Party System (Continued) Federalists have most of the power; but starts to shift to D-Rs during Adams’ Presidency II. XYZ Affair (1797-1798) Great Britain and France are fighting a war, and we are trying to stay neutral ^ But we also want to trade with both countries In 1797 the French Navy starts attacking American trade ships that are carrying American goods Adams sends representatives to France to find out why they are attacking US ships; are supposed to talk to a French minister, but aren’t allowed to talk to him ^ Have to pay a very large fee to talk to him Called the XYZ Affair because when they write to Adams and tell them about the guys bribing them, they don’t name them; just call them X, Y, & Z. ^ Adams tells them to just come home French continue to attack American ships, and the American Navy goes to try and protect American trade ships Eventually a new treaty is signed, but not under Adams This is the first international affair as a new country; and shows that the world doesn’t respect America as a nation yet since they asked for a bribe III. Alien and Sedition Acts (1798) Federalists have more power, more seats in Congress; but know that in the future they will be the minority because when immigrants come to the US they are almost always D-Rs Adams is looking for a way to help his party by discrediting the D-Rs ^ Congress passes the Acts, but Adams is the mastermind behind them A. Naturalization The process by which you become a US citizen Did only have to live in the US for 5 years, but Adams changes it to 7 years B. Alien Enemies While an immigrant is living in the US before they have achieved citizenship, if they do anything the President doesn’t like then he can have them deported It doesn’t state what they have to do, just whatever the President doesn’t
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The Age of Jefferson - 3/1/10 The Age of Jefferson I. First...

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