Market Revolution

Market Revolution - 3/24/10 Market Revolution I. Market...

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3/24/10 Market Revolution I. Market Revolution (1810-1850) Only in the US Propelled by the invention of the Cotton Gin (Eli Whitney) ^ Could do up to 50 lbs/day (only 1 lb/day by hand) More people in the South start to grow cotton (cotton production stretches to the west; Alabama and Mississippi) More textiles factories in the North to produce the cotton into fabric II. Agricultural Improvement A. Cotton Gin (1793) Eli Whitney Increased production of cotton B. Steel Plow John Deere West had problems with the iron plows; the steel plow made the process easy Western land can be plowed easier and quicker III. Transportation Improvement A. Toll Roads (early 19 th century) People didn’t really have enough money to either build quality roads or to maintain the roads Community would let corporations build the roads and maintain them; but they would charge people to use them Government would run some of the roads (Henry Clay’s American System called for better roads) B. Steamboats (1807) Now you can travel in any direction on a river (don’t have to go with the current or worry about wind power to get you where you want to go) Expanding opportunities for Americans and business It is easier for people to move goods; and can move them up or down
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Market Revolution - 3/24/10 Market Revolution I. Market...

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