Age of Jackson

Age of Jackson - 3/19/10 Age of Jackson I. Election of 1828...

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3/19/10 Age of Jackson I. Election of 1828 Jackson runs again after closely losing in 1924 Only 2 candidates this election Most Americans don’t really like Adams; Jackson has been building support during Adams term and has support throughout the nation Adams campaign starts to talk bad about Jackson; he says that’s fine ^ Then they start to talk about Jackson’s wife; Jackson gets very upset and takes it very personally, he comes back and talks about Adams bad Presidency A. Adams vs. Jackson, Round Two 1. Spoils System Coined by Jackson; used by other Presidents Jackson is looking for a way to reward his supporters; they helped him get elected and wanted to pay them back He has control over Civil Service jobs (i.e. post office), and knows you don’t need a lot of training/education to do these jobs He fires a lot of the people that were working at these jobs and gives it his supporters 2. Kitchen Cabinet Unofficial Cabinet, separate from his Presidential Cabinet He doesn’t really trust his official Cabinet; but he does meet and get advice from this group (mainly Democratic newspaper advisors) They discussed ideas together, and they usually wrote his speeches for him Named this because they met in the White House Kitchen Used this Cabinet more than his official Cabinet II. Jackson’s Presidential Issues When Jackson says he is looking out for the “common man,” he really only means the common white man A. Native Americans Jackson is getting a lot of pressure from Southern States for the removal of Native Americans west of the Mississippi River ^ Reasons being: 1) Native Americans live on the most fertile land, and farming
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Age of Jackson - 3/19/10 Age of Jackson I. Election of 1828...

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