Virginia and Massachusetts

Virginia and Massachusetts - Virginia and Massachusetts I....

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Unformatted text preview: Virginia and Massachusetts I. Virginia Company Search for Wealth A. Company goes under in 1624 Company had many years that it went into debt ^ Even though making money from tobacco, still were in debt because of how much it owed Creditors and stock owners start getting upset (some owners were in Parliament) In 1624 the company goes up for re-charter ^ King says he will re-charter Virginia, but that they have to give up some of the control to the crown ^ The investors refuse this offer, so they lose all control of Virginia B. Taken over by the Crown 1. Becomes a Royal Colony Means Monarch gets to decide who is your governor (usually someone who is sent over from Virginia) Monarch constantly sends governor instructions on how to run the colony II. Plymouth Colony Flight from Religious Persecution A. Pilgrims (Separatists), c. 1570s Christian group (Protestant) Want to separate from the Church of England Believe the Church of England is very corrupt & still too tied to Catholicism Just want a minister and congregation (a simple service all about the message) B. Living in Netherlands (1608) A lot of Separatists move to Netherlands Netherlands is a place of religious freedom in Europe (a very tolerate nation) The problem is that their children grow up learning to speak Dutch, learn Dutch ways, and the Separatists feel they are losing their new generation Decide to move to North America for religious freedom and no outside influence Didnt have much money since most of their savings had been spent on moving to Netherlands, had to make a deal with London merchants (they wanted to send employee to North America) ^ Deal meant they had to live with the merchants workers and work with them (not exactly what they wanted, but they did get to North America like they wanted) C. Arrive in Plymouth (1620) Actually started on the Speedwell, but it started leaking and had to take the Mayflower...
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Virginia and Massachusetts - Virginia and Massachusetts I....

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