The Virginia Company

The Virginia Company - The Virginia Company I. Joint-Stock...

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The Virginia Company I. Joint-Stock Companies A. Muscovy Company Wanted to trade with Russia (“Muscovy” is English for Moscow) Knew that the ferns in America would trade well in Europe & Russia Were the first company in the colonies ^ Made a lot of money and very successful (survived until Russian Revolution in 1917) B. East India Company Wanted to sell a lot of goods in Europe Becomes so large that is becomes the main trading company in India Trading: spices, tea (VERY popular in England) (Company that is involved in the Boston Tea Party) C. Virginia Company (1607-1624) Tried to finance colonization They didn’t know if there was anything in Virginia that anyone in Europe wanted Constantly had money problems, hard time finding share-holders Financed the settlement at Jamestown Where chartered and set up in London (St. Paul’s Cathedral was headquarters) Tried to find young men that would be willing to go to Virginia ^ The problem was that most were city men with no farming experience, so when they got to Virginia they didn’t know how to take care of themselves II. Jamestown (1607) A. Make-up of settlers Most came from wealthy families just wanting an adventure; some were skilled workers Always bickered over who was in control 1. Failed Enterprises Tried gold (Aztecs had gold) Tried silk (needed silk worms, which are hard to take care of) Tried glass making (problem was they are in Virginia, customers were in England/Europe) Decided to use pine trees for boats (ends up being a lot more work than they wanted) B. Captain John Smith (1608-1609) Steps up and decided he is going to be the leader and turn the colony around
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The Virginia Company - The Virginia Company I. Joint-Stock...

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