The Other Colonies

The Other Colonies - The Other Colonies I. Maryland (1663)...

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The Other Colonies I. Maryland (1663) First colony that is a family’s private property (not a joint-stock company) Named after Charles I’s wife Started by the Calvert family (English), they were very close to the monarchy ^ But Lord Baltimore was Roman Catholic (minority in England), so he was looking for a place in N. America where Catholics could have a safe haven Religiously tolerant colony (as long as you were of a Christian branch); started as mainly Catholic, then more Protestants came II. New York and New Jersey (all down are 1670 and later) Starts under Dutch control This is big problem for the English: cut off supply line between New England and Chesapeake Bay Problem for Dutch is that nobody from the Netherlands really wanted to move, they were happy in the Netherlands Start to open up New Netherlands for anyone that wants to come any, no restrictions Colony starts to grow, but from people off all nationalities and religions (mainly English) King decides to send people over to take control over the colony ^ Area now under control of the English (Charles II renames it New York after his brother) A very religiously diverse area When Duke of York gets control of the land, he gives part of the land to his friends (one of them was from Isle of Jersey; he starts New Jersey) Many big merchants come from the area in the shipping industry III. Pennsylvania and Delaware Pennsylvania was private property (controlled by the Penn family) Charles II owed William Penn’s father a large amount of money, and he didn’t have the money to pay the Penn family back
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The Other Colonies - The Other Colonies I. Maryland (1663)...

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