The Great.. - The Great Awakening and Seven Years War I...

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The Great Awakening and Seven Years’ War I. Great Awakening (1739-1742) Lasted until 1760, but this was the heart of it Started in England, moved to colonies Religious shift Ministers preached to hearts more than heads, very emotional A. George Whitefield Best known minister for the GA, traveled from Savanna to Boston giving 100s of sermons He attended Oxford, and his main professor was John Wesley Was a great preacher because before going to Oxford he was an actor, so he could engage the audience He always talked about a rebirth (people needed to be reborn in Christ) ^ Wasn’t enough to consider yourself a Christian B. Universal Salvation/Egalitarianism Whitefield preached that everyone could gain salvation (race and sex doesn’t matter) Equality within the church (egalitarianism) Middle class like these ideas; the idea that you are equal in God’s eyes as the wealthy Wealthy don’t like these ideas C. Implications 1. Splits Congregations – New Lights versus Old Lights New Lights – liked Whitefield’s ideology and new way of thinking; the speaking from the heart ^ Usually middle class families; usually go off and start their own church Old Lights – don’t buy into the teachings of the GA ^ Wealthier in the town, possibly deacons in the church 2. Divides Communities
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The Great.. - The Great Awakening and Seven Years War I...

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