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The Chesapeake and New England in the 1670s

The Chesapeake and New England in the 1670s - The...

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The Chesapeake and New England in the 1670s I. Chesapeake A. Influx of Indentured Servants There is a lot of former indentured servants and life is getting tough for them Land is getting more expensive, tobacco prices are beginning to fall because more and more people are growing it They can’t grow enough tobacco to buy more land They start to become tenant farmers (rent land to grow crops on; don’t own the land) B. Governor William Berkeley (1642-1675) Born in England to a very aristocratic family Attended Oxford Chosen by monarch to go and run Virginia Did a pretty good job, but tried absolute rule 1. Favored Landowners Wanted to make sure land owners were happy 2. No Free Speech He didn’t like free speech because people will start coming out and speak out against him and it wouldn’t be good for him He shuts down all the schools and printing presses in Virginia C. Truce with Native Americans He decided if he had to wage a war with the Native Americans it would be very expensive, so he decided to keep the peace There was financial reward for him because he was very involved in the trading deer skin D. Government controlled by Elites You could only vote if you owned land (many former indentured servants couldn’t vote) ^ But all free males were taxed (didn’t own land and couldn’t vote, but were taxed) This started to cause many problems II. Bacon’s Rebellion (1675-1676) A. Nathaniel Bacon Well educated, came from an aristocratic family, very wealthy Decided to go to Virginia to make money growing tobacco Possibly related to Berkley and that’s why he went to VA ^ Gov. Berkley wouldn’t do anything for him, so times were tough for him He bought land and a house and wanted to be a part of the planter elite Decides to become the leader of the upset in VA B.
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