Imperial Crisis I

Imperial Crisis I - Imperial Crisis I I Succession Crisis A...

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Imperial Crisis I I. Succession Crisis A. George II’s son dies Him and his dad didn’t like each other, but he spent his life planning on becoming King Fredrick (son) dies, and his son (George III) is about 13 B. George III (grandson) becomes king He is only 13 when his son dies, but starts to learn how to becoming King C. George III is only 19 – his mother and tutor have a lot of power Served for 60 years Was doubt about what kind of King he would be He lived a sheltered childhood; he developed slowly, so his mom kept him inside to protect him He only really knew his immediate family and his tutor He really relies on the guidance of his mother and tutor in the early years of his reign (but they don’t really have a political background) Has one thing in common with the colonists: he thinks the current system is corrupt ^ He knows the stories under George II, so he decides to be a different King Wants to get rid of the Court Party, only wants people that are loyal because they want to be, don’t have to be D. George III thinks English government is corrupt 1. 1760-1770: he has 7 First (Prime) Ministers Inherits the 1 st Prime Minister (William Pitt), but George III didn’t like him; gets rid of him and makes his tutor (Earl of Buke) the Prime Minister 3 rd Prime Minister (Greenville) is who starts taxing the colonists Has 4 more Prime Ministers during the 1 st 10 years of his reign 2. Political Instability This upsets the colonists more because the policies keep changing Also, since it takes a few months to find out about a new Prime Minister. They don’t know if by the time they find out about the new one, if there is
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Imperial Crisis I - Imperial Crisis I I Succession Crisis A...

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